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Stage 3 is the beginning of the development of diabetic nephropathy, which eventually becomes open. The main manifestation of feldene pills is an increased concentration of albumin in the urine, measured by radioimmunoassay. The level is higher than normal, but lower in the clinical form of the disease (average values ��range from 15 to 300 mcg / min).

Stage 5 is characterized by the presence of renal failure in the patient and, as a result, poisoning of the body with toxic substances. About 25% of the population with kidney failure are diabetics. Kidney damage in diabetes mellitus, or diabetic nephropathy, occupies a leading position in the list of factors leading to the need for renal replacement therapy (hemodialysis). Developing kidney failure is one of the main causes of death in patients with type 1 diabetes. That is why the study of kidney function is so important in any type of diabetes.

Why does diabetic nephropathy develop? To buy piroxicam the causes of diabetic nephropathy, consider the structure of the kidney. The kidney is a paired organ located in the upper part of the lower back. In its structure, it has a special tissue - the parenchyma, and a system of pelvises that excrete urine. The parenchyma consists of cortical and medulla layers. The cortical layer is darker and located outside. The medulla is lighter and forms kidney pyramids.

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The nephron consists of the renal corpuscle and the tubular system. A large amount of unconcentrated, so-called primary, urine is filtered in the body. In the tubules, water and nutrients are absorbed from it, and harmful metabolic products are excreted with secondary urine through the system of the renal pelvis. They then pass through the ureter to the bladder and are excreted from the body.

Blood enters the kidney through the renal artery and out through the renal vein. The main function of the kidneys is excretory (urine and metabolic products). They also produce biologically active substances - hormones. The kidneys are involved in the regulation of blood pressure and maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance.

Elevated blood glucose. Excess sugar binds to kidney proteins, which leads toto thickening of blood vessels and its tubules. In addition, glucose itself has a toxic effect on the tissue, causes the growth of connective tissue around the nephrons, thereby disrupting their work. Elevated cholesterol levels damage small vessels, capillaries, and kidneys. Intraglomerular hypertension is an increase in blood pressure in the capillaries. In an effort to lower the level of glucose in the blood, the body increases its excretion in the urine, i.e., the amount of filtered urine increases. This causes an increase in pressure in the nephron and, as a result, damage to it. Elevated blood pressure increases intraglomerular hypertension, nephron cells die.

In the development of diabetic nephropathy, several mutually weighting factors can be distinguished.
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Stages of diabetic nephropathy.
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In the classification of diabetic nephropathy, there is one very important concept - chronic kidney disease (CKD). This term refers to damage to an organ, or a decrease in their function for three or more months. Stages of diabetic nephropathy (Russian classification). stage of microalbuminuria. stage of proteinuria. CKD 5 (treatment with renal replacement therapy). Normally, only a small amount of protein is present in the urine. When the kidneys are damaged, the nephron begins to buy feldene medication a significantly larger amount of albumin protein. When this figure is from 30 to 300 mg per day, they talk about microalbuminuria, if it is more than 300 - about proteinuria.

Microalbuminuria (MAU) is the initial manifestation of kidney damage in diabetes mellitus when urine filtration increases. In some cases, with the normalization of glucose levels, this process is reversible. Proteinuria appears later and indicates irreversible damage to the organ. Renal replacement therapy begins in the late stages of feldene with the development of severe renal failure. This is a set of methods that allow you to replace some of the functions of the body and purify the blood of toxic products.